Bianca Lively: Asleep While Sitting Up


Asleep While Sitting Up

Sophia's been a pretty good sleeper to say the least, until she learned to stand and sit herself up in her crib. I was reading that when they start teething, to not change up there sleep schedules. So we tried and honestly, it was hard.. Bringing her into our bed to sleep was worth it. Until tonight. She's going on 11 months in a few days, and she still doesn't really know how to put herself to sleep. So we do the normal bedtime routine:

7:00pm: feed her solids
7:20-7:30pm: give her a bath with super calming lavender body wash and baby shampoo. (Soothes her everytime) 
7:45-8:00pm: rock her while feeding her an 8oz bottle

Normally, we lay her down and she passes out in her crib. But these past couple of nights she has not been wanting to stay in her crib. Finally tonight, or this morning since it's 4:20am while I'm writing this, she is deciding to NOT want to lay down. At all. We layed her in her crib as usual after her bottle around 8:45, she slept till about 1:15am and woke up. I went in, gave her another bottle and layed her back down. This time instead of going back to sleep, she stood up in her crib, and cried for a good 30-45minutes. We went in every 10 minutes taking turns to lay her back down. Saying very minimal to her, and just reassuring her that's "it's okay baby, go to sleep", but she still wasn't having it. She would get up and stand there. Finally, after an hour she sat down. I went back in to lay her down and she would sit back up again whenever I walked out. Then C would go 10 minutes later, and so on. We would take turns because honestly, it's exhausting. And finally she stopped crying (more like whining) and just sat there. As I'm staring into the monitor screen, with such a headache, and my nose running as if I have a leakage faucet attached to it, she fell asleep. Sitting up! She would sway back and forth, side to side with her head bobbing around and still would not lay down. As I'm trying to figure something out on the internet while still going into her room to help her lay down every 10-20 minutes, I read that everyone says the same thing- to let her stay sitting up and eventually she will learn to lay herself down. Me being the sensitive mama that I am, scared and nervous that she'd tip over and hit her head on the rail, I'd go in there and lay her down. Hubby is finally asleep, but mama bear can't just let baby bear sleep like this..
Here she is, sleeping while sitting up. It's now 4:35am and I'm so tired.. But I don't want to give in and let her sleep with us.. As much as I want to cuddle her up, I'll save that for nap time later. Because we all know, I'm going to be SO tired today. 

Hopefully tomorrow night (or later on tonight since it's the morning already), she will lay down... Poor baby, I feel so bad for her. Do you have any recommendations? All I know is that I'll be taking in a lot of caffeine today... Now, I'm gonna try to lay her down again.. 

morning readers!

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