Bianca Lively: 5 Ways To Helping A New Mom


5 Ways To Helping A New Mom

Oh my God.. :( While looking for some newborn pictures of Sophia, I cried thinking of how fast she's growing.. :( 

When you first have a baby, all you want to do is rest.
You're exhausted, your body just went through 360
in a matter of 40 weeks (give or take).
If you have a friend or family member that's having a baby,
or just had a baby and you want to visit, here are a few
things to give to the new momma that I know first hand,
will help out A LOT!

1. Food. Any food helps. Preferably something that's already cooked
so she can eat out of the fridge whenever necessary.
New moms and dads are far too busy and tired thinking about what to
cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Having food already to be eaten is so helpful.
Also, try not to eat it, let them enjoy the food you brought them. Hold the baby
while they eat if you wanna stay a while! ;) 

2. Sleep. Go over, and offer to watch the little rascal for an hour or two or three!
Mommy needs her rest. And although she may look well rested sitting
on her couch watching tv while feeding her newborn child. She's most likely
99.9% tired and not saying it. Let her nap. You'll be fine watching a baby for a few ;)

3. Clean. Help mommy clean her house. Do the dishes, fold her laundry,
dust a little.. Any cleaning will be greatly appreciated.
She already feels embarrassed having you over with a dirty house that she's
probably been trying to clean for a few days now. Hey, I bet she has some
bottles laying around that need to be washed and sanitized! It's easy, just Google it. 

4. Errands. Ask her if she needs you to go by the store for anything..
Or how about this, call her while you're at the store, and ask her if she needs
"diapers, breast pads, baby wipes, or maybe snacks/food.." I guarantee you,
she'll need one or two of those. 

5. Time. Give her your time.. She may want to show you that
she's still the same person that you've always known, but give her some
time to adjust to this new baby thing.. Chances are, she's only going to
be talking about diapers, baby rash, nipple cream, breast feeding,
sleep schedules, swaddling, etc.. and you may not have a clue
as to what some of that means, but be there for her. And just chit-chat away
if thats what she wants. She needs her friends and family during this
new transition in her life.

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