Bianca Lively: October 2014


Halloween Week: Pumpkin Carving

Can you guess which ones mine?? I'll give y'all a hint, its a face.. hahah
Anyway, I'm so excited that halloween falls on a friday this year,
more weekend fun for all of us right?!
We decided to do some pumpkin carving with a few friends yesterday.
We got a few pumpkins, did some painting and carving
with a couple brews in hand and pizza. It was a blast!
Halloween is tomorrow and its supposed to rain! lame..
But that's not stopping us from getting dressed!

What are you dressing up as?
What are your plans?
I can't wait to take Sophia trick-or-treating!
And I especially can't wait to show y'all our costumes!!

I decided to let Sophia get down and dirty with some edible finger painting! Looks like fun, and really messy! She loved it!! I'm going to definitely make more finger paint in a few weeks and have her go to town on a canvas!

Giveaway: Tassel Garland

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Halloween Week: Home Decor

Halloween is this week! And I can't help but share with you some of our home decorations for it…
 Not as scary as usual since we now have a little monkey running around. haha
I can't wait for you all to see what we're gonna be as a family this year.
I'm so excited to walk Sophia around our neighborhood.


Happy Halloween week readers!

Weekend Fun: Moms Birthday

The weekend was here and gone. In a blink of an eye, but this weekend was one for the books!
We spent some time with a few friends and even had a sleep over and bathed the babies together.
They have so much more fun together now that they're mobile. :) cutest thing.
And there baby conversations crack me up. Makes me wonder what they're actually saying.. Lol

I was also honored to take some maternity pictures for my uncle, aunt and my super adorable 
little cousin Ethan, in this woodsy-feel type of place.. The hike to get there wasn't 
my favorite, in the heat, sand with flip-flops on and having to run a mile back and 
forth for cell phone reception so they can find us killed me-overall the location was beautiful! 

And lastly, my moms birthday! She's such a hardworking woman, always making sure my 
siblings are well maintained. So I wanted to do something special for her and drive down 
to visit her. It's hard enough to leave the house for a few hours with Sophia, but definitely 
worth it to see grandma, or "mamy gaby" for her birthday. And daddy got to come along too!! :) 

She didn't want to do anything crazy. So we stayed in our pajamas, ordered takeout and sang to her with
a German chocolate cake. It was awesome and yes, definitely a splurge!!

And best for last, Sophia took her first few steps! We got it on video and photo! So so cute!! Bittersweet.
She's growing up so fast.. Here she is with my brother.. teary eyed momma.


5 Ways To Helping A New Mom

Oh my God.. :( While looking for some newborn pictures of Sophia, I cried thinking of how fast she's growing.. :( 

When you first have a baby, all you want to do is rest.
You're exhausted, your body just went through 360
in a matter of 40 weeks (give or take).
If you have a friend or family member that's having a baby,
or just had a baby and you want to visit, here are a few
things to give to the new momma that I know first hand,
will help out A LOT!

1. Food. Any food helps. Preferably something that's already cooked
so she can eat out of the fridge whenever necessary.
New moms and dads are far too busy and tired thinking about what to
cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Having food already to be eaten is so helpful.
Also, try not to eat it, let them enjoy the food you brought them. Hold the baby
while they eat if you wanna stay a while! ;) 

2. Sleep. Go over, and offer to watch the little rascal for an hour or two or three!
Mommy needs her rest. And although she may look well rested sitting
on her couch watching tv while feeding her newborn child. She's most likely
99.9% tired and not saying it. Let her nap. You'll be fine watching a baby for a few ;)

3. Clean. Help mommy clean her house. Do the dishes, fold her laundry,
dust a little.. Any cleaning will be greatly appreciated.
She already feels embarrassed having you over with a dirty house that she's
probably been trying to clean for a few days now. Hey, I bet she has some
bottles laying around that need to be washed and sanitized! It's easy, just Google it. 

4. Errands. Ask her if she needs you to go by the store for anything..
Or how about this, call her while you're at the store, and ask her if she needs
"diapers, breast pads, baby wipes, or maybe snacks/food.." I guarantee you,
she'll need one or two of those. 

5. Time. Give her your time.. She may want to show you that
she's still the same person that you've always known, but give her some
time to adjust to this new baby thing.. Chances are, she's only going to
be talking about diapers, baby rash, nipple cream, breast feeding,
sleep schedules, swaddling, etc.. and you may not have a clue
as to what some of that means, but be there for her. And just chit-chat away
if thats what she wants. She needs her friends and family during this
new transition in her life.


Eleven Months With Sophia

First off, I am so sad at the thought that this is our last monthly post of my princess… I feel like she will still have all these new things happening in her life as she grows that I'd want to share with y'all, but I know I'll be able to post many many things about her as she gets bigger and does big girl things. SO happy and proud of myself and my hubby for raising such a beautiful baby girl for 11 months! I love you sophia! We're going to have a 1 year old next month!! WAAAAAH!!! 

Weight: My baby girl probably weighs about 20+ lbs. Haven't been able to weigh her yet. I'l have to try to weigh her on my personal scale. But sometimes I don't feel it's that accurate with a baby. 
Sleep: Her sleep is back to normal. It was off for a few weeks since she was teething, she was such a great and easy teether by the way. We honestly got lucky. Like really. She wakes up once, and thats around 430-6am. And she's ready for the day, but mom and dad like to bring her in bed with us and we let her sleep a few extra hours because we're still tired.. Don't judge you know you do it too. ;)
Eating: Her eating is still on point. 3 solids a day with 7-8ounce bottles in between. She's finally starting to eat more solid foods. For example we gave her a cheddar cheese stick, and she knobbed on that thing like there was no tomorrow. She loves cheese! We also gave her a little bit of bbq chicken (loved that!) and some fruit. She's doing great now that she knows to bite into things with her two front teeth!
Diapers: Moved into size 4. Thinking of trying the Honest Company though.. I heard they can be a bit expensive, but I love the fact that they have no fragrances, eco-friendly, and the designs on them are SO CUTE!!! I think thats what sold me more to be honest. haha
Clothing: She is size 12-18 month clothing. 12 month fit her perfect before being washed, and 18 months fit her loose still. So she's between 12-18 months at the moment. 
Mood: Her moods are still up and bright. She's happy, funny, curious, and loves to play with her dogs (roxee and coco). 
Loves: She loves that she can stand herself up now while holding on to things. Only thing thats a little difficult for her, is getting back down. She has some trouble so mom and dad come to the rescue with helping her. Loves playing peak-a-boo! And also learned to do it herself. She covers her little face with a bib or blanket, and does it! It's adorable. 
Doesn't love: what she doesn't love… hmm there isn't much this girl doesn't love.. I'll have to get back to you on that. haha
What I want to remember: I want to remember how she finally says "mom, momma, mommy". It MELTS MY HEART! Although she probably doesn't know how to put two and two together, the fact that she's actually saying it makes me happy. She also loves to nod her head to music. We play music and she nods. And I know this is probably not something to want to remember, but I want to remember how she first started saying "no" by nodding her head from side to side when she's full. SO cute! I also want to remember how she knows to use her walker as support to walk around. She stands behind her walker, holds onto the little support bar, and walks! ALONE!!! It made us so happy! And lastly, she stood up alone on September 29th for about 30-45 seconds! No hands, no nothing! Just stood and had her hands up in the air! I quickly grabbed my phone for a video. And then she fell. Poor baby. Trial and error.

September 29th Stood alone for the first time!!! 
October 3rd-6th Got 2 more teeth!! woohoo!


Asleep While Sitting Up

Sophia's been a pretty good sleeper to say the least, until she learned to stand and sit herself up in her crib. I was reading that when they start teething, to not change up there sleep schedules. So we tried and honestly, it was hard.. Bringing her into our bed to sleep was worth it. Until tonight. She's going on 11 months in a few days, and she still doesn't really know how to put herself to sleep. So we do the normal bedtime routine:

7:00pm: feed her solids
7:20-7:30pm: give her a bath with super calming lavender body wash and baby shampoo. (Soothes her everytime) 
7:45-8:00pm: rock her while feeding her an 8oz bottle

Normally, we lay her down and she passes out in her crib. But these past couple of nights she has not been wanting to stay in her crib. Finally tonight, or this morning since it's 4:20am while I'm writing this, she is deciding to NOT want to lay down. At all. We layed her in her crib as usual after her bottle around 8:45, she slept till about 1:15am and woke up. I went in, gave her another bottle and layed her back down. This time instead of going back to sleep, she stood up in her crib, and cried for a good 30-45minutes. We went in every 10 minutes taking turns to lay her back down. Saying very minimal to her, and just reassuring her that's "it's okay baby, go to sleep", but she still wasn't having it. She would get up and stand there. Finally, after an hour she sat down. I went back in to lay her down and she would sit back up again whenever I walked out. Then C would go 10 minutes later, and so on. We would take turns because honestly, it's exhausting. And finally she stopped crying (more like whining) and just sat there. As I'm staring into the monitor screen, with such a headache, and my nose running as if I have a leakage faucet attached to it, she fell asleep. Sitting up! She would sway back and forth, side to side with her head bobbing around and still would not lay down. As I'm trying to figure something out on the internet while still going into her room to help her lay down every 10-20 minutes, I read that everyone says the same thing- to let her stay sitting up and eventually she will learn to lay herself down. Me being the sensitive mama that I am, scared and nervous that she'd tip over and hit her head on the rail, I'd go in there and lay her down. Hubby is finally asleep, but mama bear can't just let baby bear sleep like this..
Here she is, sleeping while sitting up. It's now 4:35am and I'm so tired.. But I don't want to give in and let her sleep with us.. As much as I want to cuddle her up, I'll save that for nap time later. Because we all know, I'm going to be SO tired today. 

Hopefully tomorrow night (or later on tonight since it's the morning already), she will lay down... Poor baby, I feel so bad for her. Do you have any recommendations? All I know is that I'll be taking in a lot of caffeine today... Now, I'm gonna try to lay her down again.. 

morning readers!


The Perfect Planner

The semester is half way through and I realized I hadn't got my planner yet. 
I needed to buy one, and I needed one now! This class has got me writing notes 
on all pages of my book, my papers, and even on top of my folder! 
I have got to stay organized, and this is not the way to do it.
I love the Planners from Erin Condren, she's got the perfect planners 
for a busy gal/mom/student/wife like me (yes, i'm all of these things), 
also carries on-the-go notebooks, pocket folds to hold loose papers, pens, stickers, 
and labels. Even though they're cute and super adorable, they aren't in my budget. 
$50+ on a planner just wasn't right for me at the moment. 
I knew I needed another one, so I looked and looked EVERYWHERE. 
I Instagram searched, I Pinterest searched, Google and even Etsy. 

And then *angels singing* just like that, I found this company, Plum Paper Designs.
They're just like Erin Condren, but at a much reasonable price. For only $31, shipping not included, I was sold and was in complete happiness and placed an order right away, 
even favorited a few. With a very easy ordering process,
 it made me that much more happy of the chose I made in purchasing my 
new planner with them. 

Here is how easy and cute these are.

The Cover
*You get to choose which cover you want
They have a ton to choose from.
Here are a few that I picked and love.
*You also choose how you want your name written out
If you want all capital letters or all lower case. YOU choose.
It's yours and its awesome!

The Inside
*You pick the way you want the inside to be organized
by choosing a weekly spread option.
They give you 4 different options. I went with Option 1.
Having my days separated with Mornings, Afternoons, and Evenings
just fit my lifestyle better.
-Workouts in the Morning
-Errands/Playtimes in the Afternoon
-Studying/School in the Evenings.

*They give you a Notes & Extras Page where 
you can add your contacts, lined paper and blank paper
for those quick write down notes.
And it also has a Holidays Page. Because you know 
us moms tend to forget everything. Even the holidays sadly..

*The Monthly Spread is also perfect in this planner.
It gives you the whole month in two side by side sheets.
With a side space for Birthdays, Events, and Notes. 
And the monthly colored tabs on each month make it super 
convenient and easy to flip to the month. 

*But wait, there is more!
You get this new double-sided pocket 
where you can hold any loose papers, and notes, cards
or anything you want! 

This is the perfect planner! And the fact that I can order it to start 
the year with the month of my choice, made it that much more better.
Let me know if you get yours! I'd love to hear your feedback! 

*This is not a sponsored post. And Plum Paper Designs did NOT pay me to write this post nor did they give me a free planner to do so. 
I’m writing this because I’ve been really happy with mine experience in purchasing mine and can't wait for it to arrive. Hopefully some 
of you will find this to be a great alternative to all other expensive Planners out there.


UNPLUGGED: Outfit Post

What's going on here? Isn't it supposed to be cooler now since it's October? 
Oh wait, I forgot we live in California. I haven't been able to get my mind off of 
moving out of Cali. My own country style home, 
with my little family, less traffic, calmer environment.. 
This past weekend I decided to "unplug" from life and all social media and enjoyed my family. 
It was the best thing I've ever done. I asked C if he wanted to join in on it, he refused lol 
(someone's addicted).. So I went solo on this and truly enjoyed it.
We took my baby to the pumpkin patch, the petting zoo, and even got a few pictures together.
After being out in the hot weather, we cooled off by grabbing some burgers and fries
at a restaurant we haven't been to in a long time. 
We got to play together, draw together, read, it was awesome! 
And I will definitely be doing this more often.

my outfit:
top: thanks to my mom from 
pants: h&m
necklace: similar
shoes: similar

sophia outfit:
dress: similar
jacket: similar
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