Bianca Lively: Weekend Shingigs


Weekend Shingigs

Ah, yes, the weekend arrived and left just like that. From birthdays, to a baby shower,
and sadly a funeral for my great grandpa which I loved dearly.. He getting older made
him weaker as the days went by, so being there to support, & love my grandma
for her fathers death was my duty, and I'd do it over and over again if I had too. We then went to my uncles baby shower for games, food and some cold ones.
It was beautiful, and his sister-in-laws did a great job at decorating. 
Come Sunday we napped, all morning. It's safe to say Friday and Saturday drained us. Got home, relaxed and caught up on some of our tv shows (Big Brother, & Utopia), some of the best shoes ever! And how can I forget, this was the last weekend for my first 10 week bikini challenge with 40 other woman! And I enjoyed it so much that I'll be joining another one next week. 1 week of indulging in high calories till my next 10 week challenge starts. Details & photos to follow.

Happy Monday y'all! Xo

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