Bianca Lively: Outfit Post: Casual Style


Outfit Post: Casual Style

Now, i'm gonna try something new and pretty exciting everyone! 
Well, exciting to me anyways. My first ever style blog post! Let me start out 
by saying that I am no "fashionista" per say and I am definitely not that greatest 
at modeling for pictures, but I have to break out of my shell,
be confident in myself, and try something new.
Having a baby makes it harder to get ready. And even though she's gonna be 10 months old, 
I still find myself wearing "plain-jane" clothes. The outfits that make me so 
comfortable nowadays.  Here is one of my favorite go-to outfits. 
Loving the grey and black shades. Perfect for fall.

top: Forever21
pants: H&M
shoes: TOMS
belt: Target
bracelet: Macys

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