Bianca Lively: End Of Summer Healthy Popsicles


End Of Summer Healthy Popsicles

To end the summer off right, I felt like making popsicles..
Healthy ones for that matter.
My little sister came into town, and she kept saying how
she wanted ice cream or popsicles and cookies..
I was on the verge of also giving in on the sweets
and having a few myself, but I stopped and thought,
"no! I need to stay on track with this bikini challenge that I'm in,
and at least make some healthy ones…."

I found these popsicles on Pinterest and had to try. 

 I made two different kind. The first kind I found here. And she calls them "breakfast popsicles". YUM!

The second ones I found here. But instead of blending the blueberries, I kept them whole. Because I love chunky fruit. 

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