Bianca Lively: DIY Invitations


DIY Invitations

So I've always been into the whole "DIY" thing. 
Especially when hosting a party or an event.
 I needed a little bit of inspirations with the theme, 
and felt that since I was torn between two themes,
why not combine them right!? duh! 
So that is what I -miss wanting to do everything herself- is doing. ;) 
And this is how easy and simple my DIY Invites are! 

You want to gather your supplies:
-tissue paper (colors of your choice)
-glue dots or double sided thin tape
-construction paper in small strips

 First cut your tissue paper into strips. I did mine about an inch thick.

Secondly, cut your strips into pieces. I did 5 inch pieces. Then cut half way up of those.

After, you want to place your glue dots or glue onto the invitation itself,
but work your way up from the bottom first. 

Keep layering over each strip so that the bottom only shows a little from under.

Lastly, cut the extra that comes out of the sides of the invite. 
And waa-laa! You're finished!

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