Bianca Lively: 10 Week Postpartum Meal Plan


10 Week Postpartum Meal Plan

Alright ladies, here is the scoop on the 10 week bikini challenge I was in. 
It was tough, but the commitment definitely paid off in the end.
And I AM SO PROUD of myself.

After I gave birth to Sophia, I lost the weight super fast.
 C got hurt, and we both became lazy and gained weight..
I ended up weighing as much as I did when I was 7 months pregnant with Sophia. 
And although at 7 months I was all belly. This kind of fat was 
spread through out my entire body. Gross.
So this challenge came to the rescue.
The group of ladies and I lost a total of 120lbs combined! 

(these pants above haven't fit me since high school)

It was a 10 week fitness challenge, and it started out by taking pictures of our bodies. 
Front, side, and back view. HORRIBLE. I was terrified to add these pictures to the 
challenge (everyone had to see them), but after doing so it made me really excited to start the 
challenge because I knew that I wanted to look better.

(now please, I don't need any negativity from anyone.. It is hard enough for me to post these pictures here.)
here are my before and after pictures. You can see my love handles GONE, my breast lifted,
my abs tighter (abs truly are made in the kitchen!), thighs thinner, butt lifted and arms leaner. ;)

We ate a lot! 6 times a day, every 2-3 hours. 
It was awesome! Our food was light, with healthy fats, proteins and Herbalife products!
I know this is what helped me during my pregnancy with the no cravings, 
morning sickness, & fatigue. I felt great! 
 And as far as exercise goes, 
you really don't have too. I exercised here and there,
but with a baby it's tough to squeeze in an exercise. 

And lastly, drink LOTS LOTS LOTS of water. Like a gallon a day lots.

If I helped you, please comment below. I really hope I helped at least one 
person with this post. ;) 
Are you ready for your next body transformation?? If you want the meal plan,
subscribe and I'll email you!

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