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Mommy Student

Being a stay at home mommy/wife and also a student, is pretty tough work.
You have to stay committed, focused, and awake…
like never have time to sleep awake. It's exhausting.
This is now my second semester back at school since having Sophia,
and I couldn't have picked a better time to go. She weaned herself from me,
which made it 100x easier to not have to be home every 3 hours on the dot.
 It's all about balance control. Balancing being a mom, a wife, and a student.
There are times when I wish I can just stay at school to focus on my studying the whole day,
but then there are times when I wish I can quit school and stay home with my
family all day long so I don't miss anything exciting. And that's when I come to realize that,
 family comes first, school comes second. It just has to. Yes, when I have a test coming up,
school has to come first for a day, but otherwise, its Sophia or C.
I then I find myself saying,
I wasn't studying as much in the beginning, and it showed in ways I wish it hadn't have. So today,
I change that. And I will study everyday, and put aside a couple of hours studying,
(probably when Sophia naps) and then spend time with the family the rest of the day.

How do you balance school and family and housework, etc..?
How do you keep up with school and also not missing anything exciting with your baby(s)?
Do you have any motivational tips/words/advice you can give me?

Here I found some motivational quotes off of Pinterest. They helped me and I hope they help you too.

Good night readers!

Xo Bianca


10 Week Postpartum Meal Plan

Alright ladies, here is the scoop on the 10 week bikini challenge I was in. 
It was tough, but the commitment definitely paid off in the end.
And I AM SO PROUD of myself.

After I gave birth to Sophia, I lost the weight super fast.
 C got hurt, and we both became lazy and gained weight..
I ended up weighing as much as I did when I was 7 months pregnant with Sophia. 
And although at 7 months I was all belly. This kind of fat was 
spread through out my entire body. Gross.
So this challenge came to the rescue.
The group of ladies and I lost a total of 120lbs combined! 

(these pants above haven't fit me since high school)

It was a 10 week fitness challenge, and it started out by taking pictures of our bodies. 
Front, side, and back view. HORRIBLE. I was terrified to add these pictures to the 
challenge (everyone had to see them), but after doing so it made me really excited to start the 
challenge because I knew that I wanted to look better.

(now please, I don't need any negativity from anyone.. It is hard enough for me to post these pictures here.)
here are my before and after pictures. You can see my love handles GONE, my breast lifted,
my abs tighter (abs truly are made in the kitchen!), thighs thinner, butt lifted and arms leaner. ;)

We ate a lot! 6 times a day, every 2-3 hours. 
It was awesome! Our food was light, with healthy fats, proteins and Herbalife products!
I know this is what helped me during my pregnancy with the no cravings, 
morning sickness, & fatigue. I felt great! 
 And as far as exercise goes, 
you really don't have too. I exercised here and there,
but with a baby it's tough to squeeze in an exercise. 

And lastly, drink LOTS LOTS LOTS of water. Like a gallon a day lots.

If I helped you, please comment below. I really hope I helped at least one 
person with this post. ;) 
Are you ready for your next body transformation?? If you want the meal plan,
subscribe and I'll email you!

Subject: Bikini Challenge Meal Plan
and I'll send it right over!


Ten Months With Sophia

Sophia is 10 months old!!! Sorry for being a whole week late. 
This fall semesters got me on my toes..
                                                                stressed to the max.
(my fault though…anyway, back to happier things!) 
Here is a little update on my little mamas turning 10 months! 

Weight: when we took her in for her 9 month check-up, she was 19lbs. She's probably about 20-22 lbs at the moment. Her cute little face is starting to fluffin up, and she's getting that cute "baby fat" look. I absolutely love it.
Sleep: sleeps been awesome for mommy and papa. We do a night time routine with her by giving her a bath, let her drink a few extra ounces in milk and she passes out in her crib. She'll wake a few times between 2-6am. But normally puts herself back to sleep (which was our goal!) thank goodness it works now. She's definitely ready for the day by 6am. An occasional 8am wake up has been quiet the surprise. 

                                       Eating: little Sosea bear(her nickname that I made up out of nowhere and I LOVE IT!)
                               likes to eat 3 times a day. 3 solids and 7-8ounce bottles in between. She's quiet the
                               little piglet like mommy and daddy. ;) she loves sweet potatoes, butternut squash,
                               broccoli, bananas, pear, and zucchini. I let her try cheese the other day. She loved it! 
                                      Diapers: still in size 3 diapers, but ready for her size 4 . She's got about 7 size 3 left. 
                                      Clothing: we went to buy her some new clothes, and she's fitting in 12-18 months!
                              18 fit her a tiny bit loose, but the 12 month fit her perfectly snug. Thank goodness
                               for hand-me-downs from my moms friends. Life saver!
                                      Mood: she's happy still. Everyday! It's awesome, she brightens my day with her
                               adorable gummy smile. Not very happy when we lay her down for naps though..
                               We just started laying her down awake a few weeks ago in her crib for naps.
                               She used to sleep in her swing downstairs watching baby tv. I was honestly afraid
                               of the transition from swing to crib, but she did and still does great. She whines for
                               about 3-5 minutes then passes out.

(how cute does she look crossing her ankles. always does this!) 
Loves: Sosea loves to play with our dog roxee. She holds her ball which has strings on them. And roxee plays a light tugga-war with her. And she laughs! She loves it. She also loves to play peekaboo! And loves clapping at everything. We say "bravo!" To everything exciting she does. And one thing she also absolutely loves, is playing with this Star Wars light saver that my uncle accidentally gave her. Lol (or she took it). Either way, she loves it!
Doesn't love: she doesn't like when we lay her down for her nap, and doesn't like being changed as much. Or let me rephrase that, she doesn't like it when her arms or head get stuck. That noggin I tell you! 
What I want to remember: I want to remember how she loves to stand up and play with toys by banging them everywhere. Maybe it's cute now, but I think it's so adorable! And how she wakes up so happy and smilie when she sees us walk in her room. I also want to remember how she learned how to stand up alone, with held support. But she's becoming quiet the pro! And also how she's became the crawling master of our home! She goes everywhere. And fast. And lastly, I want to remember how she is FINALLY teething! She's finally got one little tooth coming. And it's so cute and little! Thankfully she happy still! ;) a few fevers here and there but nothing too crazy.. Yet! 

September 14th first little tooth started to pop out. finally..

p.s. Sophia's birthday plans are coming out amazing!!! Totally loving the theme. ;)

xo Bianca


Weekend Shingigs

Ah, yes, the weekend arrived and left just like that. From birthdays, to a baby shower,
and sadly a funeral for my great grandpa which I loved dearly.. He getting older made
him weaker as the days went by, so being there to support, & love my grandma
for her fathers death was my duty, and I'd do it over and over again if I had too. We then went to my uncles baby shower for games, food and some cold ones.
It was beautiful, and his sister-in-laws did a great job at decorating. 
Come Sunday we napped, all morning. It's safe to say Friday and Saturday drained us. Got home, relaxed and caught up on some of our tv shows (Big Brother, & Utopia), some of the best shoes ever! And how can I forget, this was the last weekend for my first 10 week bikini challenge with 40 other woman! And I enjoyed it so much that I'll be joining another one next week. 1 week of indulging in high calories till my next 10 week challenge starts. Details & photos to follow.

Happy Monday y'all! Xo


Outfit Post: A Weekend Birthday

We got invited to a very special 2nd birthday this past weekend. It was held at this Kid Co. 
place where all the kids can play, and make messes, play and make messes! And the best 
part of it is…you don't have to clean it! Can I get a hallelujah !? Made me wish I would 
of known about this place weeks ago before planning Sophia's birthday.

Here is a quick recap of that day. And also, adding an outfit post to the mix.
Did I ever mention to you how I love these outfit posts that I've been blogging about?? 
It gives me an excuse to actually get ready and look decent! I LOVE IT! 


top: similar Kohls
shorts: Sears
wedges: similar DSW
necklace:similar Forever21


DIY 3 Minute Tassel

A little late on the tassel game, but I felt like making one for my pretty pretty princess since her 
1st birthday is coming up. I was very much inspired by one of
my favorite bloggers: Copland&Co.  She's an awesome blogger
and has the cutest little guy ever! I know he and Sophia
would be great friends if we weren't so far away.
These are SO easy to make, I can't wait to make more. Thanks Natalie!
Here is a quick video on how to make them. It's also typed in the slides
in case you don't want to listen
 to my annoying voice for 3 minutes. haha

-colored tissue paper
-washi tape


Outfit Post: Casual Style

Now, i'm gonna try something new and pretty exciting everyone! 
Well, exciting to me anyways. My first ever style blog post! Let me start out 
by saying that I am no "fashionista" per say and I am definitely not that greatest 
at modeling for pictures, but I have to break out of my shell,
be confident in myself, and try something new.
Having a baby makes it harder to get ready. And even though she's gonna be 10 months old, 
I still find myself wearing "plain-jane" clothes. The outfits that make me so 
comfortable nowadays.  Here is one of my favorite go-to outfits. 
Loving the grey and black shades. Perfect for fall.

top: Forever21
pants: H&M
shoes: TOMS
belt: Target
bracelet: Macys


DIY Invitations

So I've always been into the whole "DIY" thing. 
Especially when hosting a party or an event.
 I needed a little bit of inspirations with the theme, 
and felt that since I was torn between two themes,


Outfit Post: End Of Summer

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