Bianca Lively: The Country Side


The Country Side

We got to spend some time with family just recently. Not the greatest reason on why, 
but we definitely made the best out of it. 
It was great to be together again, making new memories, laughing, talking, and reminiscing..  
It almost, just almost
made me want to move out there. 
So calm, relaxing, slow-paced..the air was crisp and clean… 
seriously beautiful
but the one thing that stopped me was my family and friends. 
I couldn't see myself leaving everyone behind. 
And I know I should be selfish with my own life now that I have C and Sophia 
(because in all honesty, it is about just us three now, it truly is.) 

-Then again, a big house with 12 kids, a dirt bike track, 
boat and a lake in our backyard sounds quiet appealing. 

(warning: picture overload)


Some of grandmas furr babies.. And yes, 
thats a cat laying in the bookcase. 

Little glimpse on how we spent our time in, The Country Side. 

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