Bianca Lively: Fall Must Haves


Fall Must Haves

It's my second semester back at school since having Sophia.
And I still get excited just thinking about it.
Knowing I'm that much closer to being done and
becoming a labor and delivery nurse is just so cool to think about!!
Although, being a stay at home mom sounds pretty fun too. ;)
decisions decisions..
This fall (my favorite season by the way)
is probably gonna be pretty stressful, considering that I'm taking a biology class.
So I felt like a few "must-haves"  post for the fall is perfect.
And hopefully helps you too!

Here are some of my fall favorites! 

-Typical Hoodie 
Yes, that's my first and favorite item thus far. The fall is gonna probably be chilly,
so why not? A cute hoodie from Anthropologie

These boots are oh so cute! Perfect to just throw on real quick. They look warm too! ;) 

-Light scarf 
This light scarf from nordstrom is super chic! Its light, and will keep you warm.
If you wear it for that reason.. Not like me, I wear my scarfs as accessories. hehe

My all time favorite Chapstick is Beeswax Lip Balm
It leave my lips feeling smooth and moisturized. Especially in the fall/winter. 
When my lips are super dry!

A super adorable umbrella for the rain? Why yes please! 
I really want this one… really bad. haha

-Nail Polish
This essie nail polish is just PERFECTTT for the fall. 

-Pajama set 
This fox pajamas set at khols is to die for!!! Love Love! 
And I also can't believe she will be wearing these big girl jamms. 
No feet attached, and two piece with a big girl tee! Yes, this made me pretty emotional.

And since she's probably gonna start walking soon. 
These freshlypicked moccasins for the fall are super cute!

-Sippy Cup
This cup for kids is the best! Well, the best that I've tried anyway. It's called the tommee tippee
and its the best when weaning a baby. Spill proof too! 

Warm mittens like these are always a must! But then again, who knows
how long she'll keep them on. haha

-Sensory Books
These sensory books are awesome!! You can find them here. I've also been in the process
of making one of my own for Sophia! ;)

-Medela Nipple Cream
I would use this on my nipples when I breastfed if they were dry. 
It kept me moisturized and pain free. And thanks to my loving husband, he read that if a baby is chapped or dry anywhere,
you can put some of this on that! Sure enough, 
it does work! 

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