Bianca Lively: August 2014


Denim Mondays

Sophia got her Denim on for Denim Mondays!! 

Cute adult sized head band from Claires 
(which I tide up tighter so it would fit her)

                                                                 this cute white tee from the Baby Gap.
           How super adorable is this 
    little mama with her baby size Levi's

She wasn't too sure about the whole grass thing and 
how it pooked her little feet, but momma definitely got a few decent pictures of her. 


Fall Must Haves

It's my second semester back at school since having Sophia.
And I still get excited just thinking about it.
Knowing I'm that much closer to being done and
becoming a labor and delivery nurse is just so cool to think about!!
Although, being a stay at home mom sounds pretty fun too. ;)
decisions decisions..
This fall (my favorite season by the way)
is probably gonna be pretty stressful, considering that I'm taking a biology class.
So I felt like a few "must-haves"  post for the fall is perfect.
And hopefully helps you too!

Here are some of my fall favorites! 

-Typical Hoodie 
Yes, that's my first and favorite item thus far. The fall is gonna probably be chilly,
so why not? A cute hoodie from Anthropologie

These boots are oh so cute! Perfect to just throw on real quick. They look warm too! ;) 

-Light scarf 
This light scarf from nordstrom is super chic! Its light, and will keep you warm.
If you wear it for that reason.. Not like me, I wear my scarfs as accessories. hehe

My all time favorite Chapstick is Beeswax Lip Balm
It leave my lips feeling smooth and moisturized. Especially in the fall/winter. 
When my lips are super dry!

A super adorable umbrella for the rain? Why yes please! 
I really want this one… really bad. haha

-Nail Polish
This essie nail polish is just PERFECTTT for the fall. 

-Pajama set 
This fox pajamas set at khols is to die for!!! Love Love! 
And I also can't believe she will be wearing these big girl jamms. 
No feet attached, and two piece with a big girl tee! Yes, this made me pretty emotional.

And since she's probably gonna start walking soon. 
These freshlypicked moccasins for the fall are super cute!

-Sippy Cup
This cup for kids is the best! Well, the best that I've tried anyway. It's called the tommee tippee
and its the best when weaning a baby. Spill proof too! 

Warm mittens like these are always a must! But then again, who knows
how long she'll keep them on. haha

-Sensory Books
These sensory books are awesome!! You can find them here. I've also been in the process
of making one of my own for Sophia! ;)

-Medela Nipple Cream
I would use this on my nipples when I breastfed if they were dry. 
It kept me moisturized and pain free. And thanks to my loving husband, he read that if a baby is chapped or dry anywhere,
you can put some of this on that! Sure enough, 
it does work! 


1st Birthday Inspirations

So I've started to plan my baby girls FIRST birthday party!! 
And when I say plan, I

Nine Months With Sophia

Sophia update 
9 months


The Country Side

We got to spend some time with family just recently. Not the greatest reason on why, 
but we definitely made the best out of it. 
It was great to be together again, making new memories, laughing, talking, and reminiscing..  
It almost, just almost
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