Bianca Lively: Our Weekend Together


Our Weekend Together

Sometimes when we have kids, we tend to get caught up in the
 life of our babies and only our babies. We seem to forget how it all started, 
we tend to forget that the love of your life, the one you married, 
the one you're growing old with is 
still right by your side.. 
but in the shadows of our new lives. 
Its really sad to be honest, 
and makes me sad just thinking about how 
even though we see each other every single day, 
we haven't been able to just spend time together alone as a couple… 
You need that time alone together. Baby free. 
And all though we wanna take Sophia with us EVERYWHERE, 
we have to do things with out her sometimes and be married lovers.

So we had the perfect excuse to do just that. Husbands birthday was here,
and Vegas was calling our names. And even though it wasn't just the two of us, 
we had a BLAST with some friends and family.

 I love you baby!!! Happy Birthday! Muuuah! xoxoxo

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