Bianca Lively: Motherhood vs. Party Girl


Motherhood vs. Party Girl

When becoming a parent, your priorities change drastically
It's not because you want them too, 
it's because you need them to. That's okay and I'm perfectly okay with that too. 
You lose friends that you thought would be in your life forever, 
and you gain friends with others too.
When I found out I was pregnant with Sophia, 
it was the happiest day-week-month of my life. 
I've always wanted to be a mom, and my dream was finally coming true.

But when I couldn't and wouldn't do the normal hanging out with friends 
(drinking, clubbing, partying), the number of friends dropped. 
Not all at once, but eventually it went down to less than 5.

It was partly my fault, but also partly theirs. I didn't want to go out and 
party with them while having a belly. I didn't feel comfortable doing that.. 
When I had Sophia, my newly close friends 
were either other mommas or 2-4 friends that never left my side after getting pregnant.
 And I love you for sticking around 
and wanting to be in my life even with a baby and marriage ;)

I would still try to keep in contact with the old friends as much as I could 
because I knew once Sophia came into this world, 
my life was going to change forever and 
it was going to be harder to reach me.
But when Sophia arrived, 
my life just flipped! I now had someone that needed me all day,
 every day. And it was almost selfish of me 
to only want her and my husband and that's it. 

The people that I tried so hard to keep in my life didn't matter anymore.. 
And I was completely okay with that, 
because I wasn't there priority either.. 
I now have this little human that needs me to help them grow. 
Both mentally and physically. And I was honored to be that person to help a baby grow. 
And to teach them the right from wrong.

You know that feeling when a baby cries in your arms and right away 
when they see their mommy or daddy they light up and reach out for them? 
I now have someone that reaches out for me and wants me… 
That feeling of being the person that makes the crying baby 
happy once carried never gets old. 
It's a feeling of security, comfort, happiness and love. 
And it makes me the happiest mom ever.

I miss my old friends, I really do, 
but I love my life now even more. 
And all though I don't go out as much, 
and I don't get all crazy like I used to. I really don't miss it. At all

Yes, occasionally it's fun to have a few drinks and 
let the hair down from that daily pony tail. But if
you were to give me the option of going out, or staying in,
 I would rather spend my days and nights with my little family.

So while you're out having fun with all your friends, 
drinking and trying to eat greasy food so you don't wake with a hangover,  
I'm back at home with a baby and my husband watching either 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Gang Related (a show),
 having dinner together and going on family walks or runs around the block in the evening.. 
And maybe it sounds absolutely boring to you, but it's the most fun I've ever had in my entire life. 
And I wouldn't change it for world! 

Welcome to Motherhood. 


  1. i loooovve you and your little family! miss you so much girl! and cant wait till we get to hang out again! :)

  2. Hi pretty!
    I'm sorry i just now saw this! Thank you! And I also love you and your little family too! xoxo


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