Bianca Lively: July 2014


Motherhood vs. Party Girl

When becoming a parent, your priorities change drastically
It's not because you want them too, 
it's because you need them to. That's okay and I'm perfectly okay with that too. 
You lose friends that you thought would be in your life forever, 
and you gain friends with others too.
When I found out I was pregnant with Sophia, 
it was the happiest day-week-month of my life. 
I've always wanted to be a mom, and my dream was finally coming true.


Our Weekend Together

Sometimes when we have kids, we tend to get caught up in the
 life of our babies and only our babies. We seem to forget how it all started, 
we tend to forget that the love of your life, the one you married, 
the one you're growing old with is 
still right by your side.. 
but in the shadows of our new lives. 
Its really sad to be honest, 
and makes me sad just thinking about how 
even though we see each other every single day, 
we haven't been able to just spend time together alone as a couple… 
You need that time alone together. Baby free. 
And all though we wanna take Sophia with us EVERYWHERE, 
we have to do things with out her sometimes and be married lovers.

So we had the perfect excuse to do just that. Husbands birthday was here,
and Vegas was calling our names. And even though it wasn't just the two of us, 
we had a BLAST with some friends and family.

 I love you baby!!! Happy Birthday! Muuuah! xoxoxo

Eight Months With Sophia

Happy 8 Months my beautiful little princess! <3

Its getting harder and harder for me to believe that my baby will be 
1 in a few short months…


Easy Peasy Fruit Dessert

For the 4th of July, I wanted to make some sort of dessert (like every holiday). 
So of course, I Pinterest searched fun easy desserts 
and came across this one. It looked so yummy and easy.
 Just layers of goodness. 
I wanted to make them into individual portions 
for every one so that it was easier to grab, instead of serving out of a big glass jar. 

-1 box of vanilla cake mix
-2 16oz tubs of lite whipped cream
-20 strawberries
-1 8oz container of blueberries
-1 small seedless watermelon

1. Chop all strawberries and set aside. Cute your watermelon slices with a star cookie cutter.
2. Cook cake mix as direc

Fourth of July Weekend

Our 4th of July this year was tons of fun. 
I was a little worried about how Sophia would react with the fireworks, 
but she absolutely LOVED them. 
We went to the beach during the day, had a huge bbq with our neighborhood and some friends. 
The husband cooked up some ribs and we all went to town on dessert. 

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