Bianca Lively: Seven Months With Sophia


Seven Months With Sophia

Happy 7 Months Sophia! 

 Can not believe my little itty baby is 7 months old! Why is time flying by.. 
             I really don't like it. 
I do have a confession though. Once Sophia turned 6 months it made me pretty emotional and realize that I'm ready for baby #2. 
Call me crazy but, I'm pretty sure I was meant to be a mommy to like 3-4 babies. 
But, it also made me appreciate how she's my only child and the love I have for her is so unconditional, I'd be so sad to share with another baby right now.. 
So maybe we'll just wait. Haha

Anyway, here is a little update on my baby girl from this past month.. 

Sophia update 

Weight: My little baby girl now weighs a woppin 16 lbs 5oz! She is in the 50 percentile for her weight. And for her height, she is 27 inches long going in on the 92 percentile. It's the cutest thing! For her 6 month check up, the dr was very pleased to see her alert. Sitting up and reaching. 

Sleep: She's waking once at night to eat.. We put her to bed by 8pm and she's up again any time between 12-2am. Then up for the day around 645-7am. It's a pretty great schedule. I can't remember the last time I slept a full night with no interruptions though. :/ 

Eating: She is eating around 3 solids a day. With nursing and bottle feeding between. We give her rice cereal with plain Greek yogurt and fruit in the mornings, meat and rice for lunch, and veggies for dinner. She's a champ and so far likes everything I've made her. Except the chicken.. She's not into the texture just yet. 

Diapers: Size 3 diapers! Huggies have been my favorite so far.

Clothing: I washed all her 6-9 & 9 month clothing. So she has a variety of jammie's and outfits. :) 

Mood: She's still my bright eyed, happy sunshine everyday. I got so lucky with how calm, sweet and happy she is. 

Loves:  She loves Mickey Mouse club house and playing with all her toys in her playroom. She also absolutely LOVES animals. Smiles and laughs at them every time as if they're doing something funny. Cutest thing.

Doesn't love: She doesn't love chicken. I'm guessing it's the texture right now... And doesn't like not being able to control her arms when we change her clothes. Little by little she is getting better at it though.

What I want to remember: I want to remember how sweet and innocent she is. I want to remember how she just loves being in my arms and wants me to hold her.. And also how she smiles with excitment whenever we wake up together. 

I love you Sophia! You're my pride and joy baby..

Xoxo, Bianca 

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