Bianca Lively: June 2014


Seven Months With Sophia

Happy 7 Months Sophia! 


Father's Day Weekend

We spent C's first Father's Day going to breakfast,
hosting a BBQ,  having a mini picnic at the park
and ended the day with guinness floats for daddy!
It was so relaxing..


Wheat Artichoke Pizza

I made whole wheat dough which you can find here a few months ago.
The pizza dough

Basil Pesto

I had recently made a Pesto and Artichoke pizza. 
It was amazzzzzing..! 
Here is a link on how to make the actual pizza and the ingredients. 
But, to make the basil pesto sauce you will need the following ingredients.

2 cups spinach
1 cup basil
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon crushed garlic
2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

add all ingredients to a food processor
and enjoy! yummmm! 

You can use it for pizza sauce, pasta sauce, and so much more! Love Pesto!

Summertime Bucket List

 So excited for the summer to be here already!
 Last summer I was pregnant and couldn't really do much 
(wake board, stay in the sun without getting extremely dehydrated, 
or even have an ice cold beer by the lake). 

But, having Sophia this summer is going to be SO much fun! 
We have many things we wanna try to do 
before the summer ends. 

Here are a few in a list! :)

-have a beach bonfire & make s'mores
-host a backyard cocktail/dinner party
-make homemade popsicles
-take Sophia to the zoo
-go camping in Yosemite 
-play with Sophia at the park
-build a sand castle at the beach
-have a lemonade stand
-go to a drive-in
-fly a kite (or attempt to)
-have a picnic at the park
-watch fire works
-go to a concert at the park
-teach Sophia how to "infant swim" for safety
-play with food coloring yogurt with Sophia
-go to a flee market
-host a bbq
-have a water gun fight
-take a trip to the lake

So many fun things to do! And only a few months to do them..
Let's hope we can tackle this bucket list together as a family of three, because next summer
baby #2 may be in the belly. ;) 

Happy Tuesday All!

xoxo, Bianca
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