Bianca Lively: Six Months With Sophia


Six Months With Sophia

I decided to make a half birthday cake for her.. I mean, come on now, she is half a year old! So we did a half birthday "cake smash" for her half birthday! I am so in love with this little baby.. 

Sophia update 

Weight: Haven't got her weighed yet.. But when we do I'll update this part for sure! She's got to be close to 20 lbs

Sleep: She is still up every 3-5 hours.. She did sleep for 8 hours straight two nights ago.. What a tease. 

Eating: She is eating her solids now. Cereal first thing in the morning, nursing, and also fruits and veggies! She loves everything we've giving her so far.. Besides green beans. Blah

Diapers: She is now in size 3 diapers.. A tad on the big side.. But they seem to be really comfortable on her right now.

Clothing: She is getting into 6 month clothing.. It was a sad day for me to put her 3 month clothing away.. :( 

Mood: She is such a happy baby it's unbelievable sometimes.. I'm totally setting myself up for baby number 2 though.. That ones gonna be bad.. I already know it.. Lol

Loves:  She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Smiles every time it comes on.. Also, loves to take baths before bed.. She just learned how to splash so she is definitely enjoying the water.

Doesn't love: She doesn't love to get changed into different outfits at all. She hates not being able to control her own arms if we are trying to dress her. Haha and she does not like the taste of green beans. I had to mix pears in to make them a little sweeter.

What I want to remember: I want to remember how she learned how to sit up on her own at 20 weeks. And loves it! I also want to remember how she just noticed her hands and learned how to wave! Right at 6 months. Cutest thing ever. And I also want to remember how easy going she is. She is such a great baby.. We definitely got lucky. My princess baby girl. I love you so much!

-At 20 weeks, she learned how to sit up on her own.
-At 24 weeks, she learned how to wave.. cutest thing ever!

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