Bianca Lively: Finding Out I Was Pregnant


Finding Out I Was Pregnant

I can't believe it's been a year since my life completely changed forever. 
A whole year since I found out I was possibly pregnant. 

I will always remember that day very vividly. 
And I wanted to relive that by telling you how it went down.. 

C and I started "trying" in January. 
Now, I say "trying" because we weren't actually trying to stress ourselves 
out every month hoping I got pregnant.. 

We were just letting it happen. 
And since I was told it could take me a few years due to "ovulating every other month", 
we thought it would take a while. At leasssst a year.. Ha! WAY wrong. 
I hadn't had my period for 3 months.. 
And thought absolutely nothing about it because it was normal for me. 

Finally, one morning (half asleep), I decided to take a test.. 
And RIGHT AWAY, without having to wait the whole 3 dreading minutes, 
two pink lines appeared. 
-First off, sorry for the crappy pictures. These were from my old cell phone lol-

And my heart sank. It was almost like I didn't know how to react.. 
I jumped for joy, I cried, laughed, cried, jumped for joy again. 
Yes, all in that order. 

Called my sister and best friend which both were extremely happy for me.
Husband was working that day. All day actually. 
So the big announcement had to wait. 
And I had some time to figure out how to tell him. 

I bought two outfits. One for a boy, one for a girl. 
Put the outfits in a basket and wrote a cute little sign  
"Today marks the beginning of a new journey, together as a family of 3."

 I added the pregnancy test to the basket (because I took more than 1 of course-I was shocked) and waited till he got home. 
He was surprised and speechless. More speechless than anything though.

Honestly, he didn't know how to react.. Because we didn't think 
I was gonna get pregnant that month! 

From then on out, everything changed.. And we were so ecstatic! 
We were gonna be parents!! 
And our family of two, was becoming a family of 3. 

Here are the 3 pregnancy test I took because I was in denial. haha

If only I would of recorded his reaction… Maybe for baby #2. haha

Mother's Day was just two weeks later. And we wanted to
go to our appt first before announcing to our moms.
longest two weeks of my life..

So we took our moms to lunch.
We got them each a card and the way the card was made,
made it easy for us to say we were expecting. I tried recording their
Once again, sorry the quality of the video is crap. I tried so hard to record and act nonchalant
about the card.. lol..

I get chills watching this video… makes me so happy.

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