Bianca Lively: My Inner "Sexy"


My Inner "Sexy"

It's been 6 months since having Sophia. 

And let me just say, that my inner sexy is gone. 
To me it is anyway. 

It's a messy, dirty full time job. 

I used to love getting dressed for the day, putting on my makeup, 
getting mani/pedi's with a Starbucks in hand.
But now, it takes me half a day to shower, and decently do my hair. 
90% of the time, it's up in a pony and I'm in my pajamas 
with smeared mascara under my eyes because I didn't wash it good enough the 
night before.

Oh motherhood. 
Constantly on the floor, watching 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in a big t-shirt with wet milk circles on my boobs. 
Changing dirty diapers, managing your "free break" during nap times- 
(which always seem to go by way to fast). 
And "free break" meaning catching up on laundry, 
trying to squeeze in a workout, eating, or using the restroom. 
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It's the best job though, it really is! 
I can't see myself doing anything else but being at home, everyday with my princess. It's being a full time mom.All these days just fly by, and if I can do it everyday 
and she stay this little forever, I'd do it for the rest of my life. 

Before, when it was just C and I, we would go out on dates, 

get dressed up to go dancing or dinner.. 
Coming home to cuddle and watching a movie.. 
But, its so hard for the old me to come out and play.
Cuddling now, is while we are in bed, passed out, exhausted from the day.
And trying to be sexy to my husband like that is just not happening.. 

Where is the balance? Does motherhood have a whole new meaning to 
Is there actually a sexy anymore? Or is it called something else? 
I know my C loves the way I look now, but I just wanna look and 
feel more sexier for my man..

-All you mommas, how did you find your femininity again? Where is the balance on being "yourself" and being a momma?? What do you do to make you feel sexy? Feed back would be grately appreciated. 


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