Bianca Lively: Spring Essentials


Spring Essentials

Hope all of you have been enjoying your spring break 
with this bipolar weather Cali is experiencing.. 

Oh ya, and all these earthquakes that have been going on 
got me planning my emergency kit lol… 

We've been visiting lots of family lately.
Making drives and sleepover dates to grandmas house and our parents.

I decided to share a few of my favorite spring essentials 
that will hopefully help you till the SUMMERRRR arrives.. (I can't wait!)

Hat | Teether | Romper | Jellies | Bug Net

Also! I wanted to tell you guys that we started Sophia on Solids! She is officially a big girl eating carrots and baby cereal.. 
We got a baby bullet for our baby shower so that we can make her pureed food. 
So Ive started with carrots and she LOVED them. 
Next try of foods will be peas! Yummy!

My little cutie!! I just love her cute itty bitty face so much!!

Love tons,

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