Bianca Lively: Hoppy Easter


Hoppy Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends.
We definitely had a blast with ours. It being Sophia's first Easter made it so special to us. 


We go to celebrate the whole weekend. Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt with the neighbors
and Sophia also got to meet the Easter bunny!
Surprisingly, she loves strangers and doesn't cry if anyone wants to hold her.
So the Easter bunny didn't phase her one bit haha. 

On Sunday morning after church, we went to a birthday/Easter lunch to one of my
mother-in-laws favorite restaurants. 

We then drove to my grandmas and enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and
some dinner with my side of the family.

It overall, was the best Easter.
And with little Sophia around made it that much better.

yes, I do realize I'm the shortest in my husbands family. lol

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