Bianca Lively: Traveling to Hawaii


Traveling to Hawaii

Yay, a free trip that we got from just going to a time 
share presentation! Which we didn't buy because we just wanted the free trip. They are great at what they do to try to get you to buy a timeshare by the way haha.

Ya for a FREE 3 day trip! Air fare and hotel included! :) 


Went on our flight and Sophia slept 90% of the time. Feeding her occasionally and having to change her diaper (which was easy!) 
Side Note: If you're taking a baby on a flight, make sure you nurse or feed your baby during take off and landing so that the baby is swallowing and doesn't hurt its ears from the pressure and height difference. 

And finally, we made it to Hawaii!! 
We basically did as much as we could in the 3 days we were there. 
We were exhausted, and so was Sophia. 

The weather was perfect, but we were still worried about the 
sun burning our little mama. 
And since she couldn't use any sunblock yet being only 3 1/2 months, we had her in light clothing. She loved it. 

We walked a lot, took her to the aquarium, the zoo and she even got to experience the beach for the very first time! Now who can say their first experience at a beach was in Hawaii? 

Touching the beach for the first time

Can't forget the luau we went to 
with Sophia dressed as a hula dancer. ;)

Sophia was great the whole trip! Not once did she fuss. 
She slept through breakfast, lunch and dinners for mom and daddy.

We didn't know if she would be interested in going to the zoo and aquarium, but I'm sure the pictures show you how much she loved it, and also how much she loves chewing on her hand now.. haha

For it being our first actual family vacation and having to fly with Sophia, it was the BEST three days of vacation ever. Can't wait for our next one! :)


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