Bianca Lively: Sophia's First Flight


Sophia's First Flight

So we had a few "practice" trips that helped me with packing for our Hawaii trip. The trip was exactly 3 days. Anyway, packing was so easy this time around. We had gone on a few other weekend trips and I taught myself how to pack, what to pack, and how much of it for the three of us.

First trip we went on, I took 2 suit cases and a ton of extra bags thinking I was gonna need everything just to be safe for the baby. Second trip, I took two suitcases and her diaper bag and I still didn't need most of it. 

So for this trip, we did ONE suitcase and one diaper bag. Umm, can you say amazing!? I'm a total girl when it comes to packing. I wanna take my whole closet sometimes (Okay most of the time). But I actually got enough reasonable clothes for me, husband and the baby. 

So proud :) 

Here is what I packed for my three month old for a 3 day trip:
-30 diapers (10 for each day)
-1 pack of wipes
-butt paste for diaper rash
-2 sleep n' plays 
-3 day time summer outfits 
-3 extra onesies 
-2 extra pants
-1 pair of socks so her feet don't get sunburned 
-4 bibs
-5 burp cloths
-a few bows
-1 hat
-sunglasses for the cuteness
-2 light blankets to give her some shade
-a few toys
-dish soap
-car seat
-face and hand wipes

All of this was very light and easy to put in the suitcase. My carry on bag, was our diaper bag. So I got to fit a few things in there off that list. It was easier than I thought! I made sure to take a trash bag in her diaper bag in case she threw up on her clothes and I needed to place the clothes in the bag. Or for anything else really, like one of those explosive diapers. 

In her diaper bag (which was my carry on for the 5 1/2 hour flight) I had 5 diapers, wipes, a changing pad, 3 bottles with 3 oz of water in them (since thats all they allow), 3 pre measured formula tubes, 2 burp cloths, 2 bibs, 2 light blankets, pacifier,  an extra onesie, 2 shirts, 2 pants, and a few toys. Easy! And I still had room for more.

We were hoping our suitcase wasn't over 50 lbs. And thankfully when we weighed it at the airport, it weighed a little under 35 lbs. We were SO excited to know that all though most of Sophia's stuff was in her diaper bag, we were able to pack for the three of us in one suitcase :)

I hope this helped some of you! It definitely was the perfect amount of stuff. Only thing I forgot to pack was her new bathing suits. I was pretty bummed. But she couldn't be out in the sun or water anyway so it was okay. 

-lots of love, Bianca

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