Bianca Lively: Four Months With Sophia


Four Months With Sophia

Happy 4 Months Sophia!!

Sophia update 

Weight: haven't got her weighed recently. We have an appointment in a few days! I'm anxious to see how much my baby girls grown

Sleep: her sleep has been getting better.. Or maybe it's just me feeling like I'm getting more rest, but she's only getting up once at night. We put her to bed at 9pm.. Occasionally we go to bed later because of a few shows that we like to watch Haha. She then sleeps from 9pm to 2am/3am "ish". Just depends.. And after that she gets up around 6am for the day. It's not bad at all.. And she is so happy in the mornings. We all are, it's great! 

Eating: she is still nursing and supplementing with formula, and has been eating every 2 1/2-3 hours... Sometimes 4. She loves to nurse. It's so soothing to her and I. And an amazing bonding experience for the both of us. She just started holding my tops while I feed her. As if I'm gonna leave. It's just the cutest thing... She looks at me and smiles, even while I talk to her.. Gah, I get giddy just thinking about it, I'm telling you, it's an amazing bonding experience. I love it so much.. 

Diapers: we moved her into size 2 diapers.. Now, is it just me or are these diapers big looking.. They just aren't as cute looking anymore.. Haha. But she is definitely more comfortable in these. 

Clothing: I officially washed her size 3-6 months clothes.. :"( sad sad momma bear. Her 0-3months just aren't as comfy for her and fit a bit tight. Especially the pack n' plays. They are very small for her long body. 3 months for her are perfect! And 3-6 months are a little big, but comfy. Makes me sad to think that she will eventually get into 6 months.. Then 6-9, then 9! Ah! My baby girl stop growing! :( 

Mood: she is such a happy little mama.. Smiles all the time. I love her cute little smile. Brightens my day.. She only cries on occasion when she is hungry or tired. But I try to not let it get that far. I don't like hearing my mama girl cry. 

Loves: she loves to look at herself in the mirror. Smiles at herself every single time. I remind her how beautiful and smart she is, and she just gives me this cute smile and tilts her head onto my shoulder as if she is embarrassed. My heart just melts.. She loves sitting in her bumbo seat on the table while we eat, or while I'm washing dishes.. She loves to sit up and bounce up and down in her little bouncy seat. She can barely touch the ground so she leans and bounces on one foot with her little toes. The cutest thing. We turn the tv on so she can watch cartoons and she loves that! All the colors and sounds amaze her. She loves to be carried, but what baby doesn't? 

Doesn't love: she doesn't love laying flat on the ground anymore... Unless she is extremely tired. She doesn't like us to sit still with her, she likes us to walk around with her, (she got us there!). She doesn't really like tummy time. And that's about it! Basically she wants mommy and daddy to keep her entertained all day long. And I don't mind it. :)

What I want to remember: I want to remember how little she is, how she can barely touch the ground on her bouncy even on the lowest position. How she loves her mornings, and loves to smile at herself in the mirror. I want to remember how she loves when we make the farting sounds. We wanna always remember her cute little toothless smile. And how her cheeks rise up so high that her eyes slightly close, and her nose scrunches just a little. WE LOVE THAT.
-March 4th: At 15weeks old, Sophia learned how to hold her toys. Still a little bit hard for her to understand the use of her hands though… but at 16 weeks, she was full on grasping her toys! So daddy and I went to buy her some more! Still learning how to reach.
-Around that same time, sophia learned the use of her voice! She was playing with one of her favorite dolls, and we just kept hearing her chat away! Almost as if she was gonna let a cry out or she was complaining. So I got her on video. :)

Going for our weekly walks around the neighborhood.. It's so peaceful :) 
And here you can see she was holding onto one of her favorite dolls.

 This picture just melts my heart every time.. Daddy reading to his baby girl..

here is Sophia with two of her aunts Karina and Natalia

always love, Bianca

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