Bianca Lively: Two Months With Sophia


Two Months With Sophia

Happy Months Sophia!!

Having Sophia was the best thing that has ever happened to us. Hands down. All though some nights are much tougher than others, its like we forget about it right away that very next morning… sometimes. :) She loves to hold her head up for more than 30 seconds at a time, and is already smiling right back at us! Always wakes with a smile for mommy and daddy. The cutest thing.

first smile
We can't believe how fast she is growing.. Two months already! Time needs to drastically slow down.. I never saw my life this way, I knew I always wanted children (a lot for that matter), but I never knew how tough and tiring it would be.. People always tell you "get your rest while you can!" or "once you have kids your life is "over"" or "you will never have time for yourself, baby comes first!". 

But I never actually listened to those distinct words.. I always just thought "ya ya whatever I just want babies!" But I have to admit. all though what people said was true, I absolutely love it. I love my sleepness nights, I love putting her before me, I love taking care of my princess before anything else. I guess you can say I've become a little over protective of this little human, and I absolutely am head over heels in LOVE with her. 

Weight: 10lbs 6oz
Sleep: She tricked us one night by sleeping a whole 8 hours but it was just ONE night… she still gets up every 3-4 hours to eat. 
Eating: Still nursing and supplementing with formula.
Diapers: Sophia is now in a size 2 diaper. We change her about 8-10 times a day.. 
Clothing: We put her into size 0-3 months. They fit her a tiny bit big at first, but now they fit her perfectly.
Mood: She is a happy baby now that we changed her formula to Gentlease. She is less gassy and fussy. 
Loves: She loves to look at black shapes and objects on our walls. Her room has black triangles right next to her crib so she loves staring at them.. 
Doesn't love: Sophia doesn't love to do tummy time and I think it was because her belly hurt at times from all the gas, thankfully she is easing up to them now.
What I want to remember: I want to remember how little and fragile she was. How she is starting to hold her little head up on her own, and how she loves to smile back at us whenever we talk to her. I also want to remember how she loves her mornings. Always a happy baby and loves being carried. My precious baby girl. I've never loved someone so much in my entire life. 

•Enjoys her baths now
•Two month check up called for lots of cuddles, naps and tears.
•Loves to fart.
•Pooping every other day making outings easier so we aren't out when she does the deed. 
•Struggling with milk supply.
•Daddy always singing the muffin man to her.
•Loving to cuddle up in bed with us.
•Hearing her burp after every feeding makes me SO happy.
•Stairs at black shapes on the walls.
•Starting to do tummy time.

We love you baby girl! 

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