Bianca Lively: Three Months With Sophia


Three Months With Sophia

Happy 3 Months Sophia!

Our little momma just grows and grows everyday. It's crazy to see how much bigger she gets as the weeks and months go by. Call me crazy, but I want my baby to stay little forever! I want her to always be my little baby girl.. Wait, what am I saying?! She will ALWAYS be my little baby girl. 

Weight: I haven't been able to get Sophia's weight lately. But I'm guessing she has got to be somewhere around 11-12 lbs! Ah my baby is getting so big. Love her to pieces!
Sleep: Her sleep schedule is still about the same. She gets up every 3-4 hours. Im looking forward to the 5+ hours though.. This momma is tired to say the least.. We started putting her in her crib at night. We lay her down when she is passed out, but we are trying to get her to lay down while she is drowsy and for some reason thats not working for us..... Right around 5-6am I bring her into our bed, only because the sun is starting to rise, and I still want her to sleep in an extra 3 hours. Mommy and daddy love their sleep. Still wakes up as happy as can be. 
Eating: Her eating is fluctuating between 2-3 ounces.. Depending on how much I give her off my breast. Sometimes I give her more and other times I give her a little. I'm looking forward to the non supplementing of formula days. :) 
Diapers: She is still in size 1 diapers… And since we are running out, we decide to put her in size 2. We got a TON of size 2 diapers at our baby shower..
Clothing: She is still wearing a size 0-3/3month and I finally washed her 3-6month. The 3-6 month fit her slightly loose, but comfortable. She is growing up to fast. 
Mood: She is very happy still. Especially in the mornings. Very happy and content with life. :) I guess you can say we're doing a great job so far as parents. 
Loves: Loves being walked around at home. Looking at all the different rooms we have and all the pictures on our walls. She just started watching the Noggin channel on youtube. Sad its not on tv anymore, but youtube came to the rescue! She also loves to go for walks with me in her stroller. She loves to sit up and observe. Very alert. 
Doesn't love: She doesn't love being bored. Haha. She is her fathers daughter that's for sure. 
What I want to remember: i want to remember how she loves to sit up. How she smiles at us whenever we talk to her. Especially when we make the farting sound.. I want to remember how she loves the mornings. How she loves going out for walks and being carried. She loves cuddling and holding our fingers while she sleeps. She loves to look at herself in the mirror. How she found her hands and loves to suck on her hand for comfort. 

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