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Hospital Bag::

Hospital Bag Checklist 
The Quick & Easy

Getting ready for the hospital was probably the most exciting and frustrating thing I had to do. It was my first delivery, so I had NO idea what to expect.. I found many hospital bag checklist, but all seemed to be overwhelming. So I just tried to picture myself those few days.. And packed things for "just in case" occasions. I ended up packing two bags. One big duffle bag for me and the hubby, and my diaper bag with just Sophia's stuff. 

I wasn't planning on having a cesarean, I had my heart set on a vaginal delivery.. Thankfully, I packed for a cesarean just in case… And that case unfortunately turned out to be true. You can read my birth story here. Some said to take pads, and diapers, wipes, etc.. I took all of that, and didn't use it at all. The nurses were so sweet and gave us extra diapers and wipes and pads. They supply everything! So don't be afraid to ask for more to take home.. Bake the nurses something delicious and I can promise you, they will give you extra food, extra diapers, extra everything! I loved it. 

I had a list of what I actually took, and what I could of done without.
I then modified my originally list after the hospital. So now I have a handy dandy "master list" for the next time. ;) Here is the Master list for you to have and I hope it's helpful!

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