Bianca Lively: 37 weeks


37 weeks

The time has come, we are officially FULL TERM
Sadly, I've been extremely busy with setting up last minute baby things, and doing last minute nesting, cooking, baking, baking, & baking.. That I have forgotten to do updates every other week on my blog about my baby bump! Its been 7 weeks since my last chalkboard update!! 

So finally, here I am, full term and I am gonna try my hardest to keep up with the bump pictures for the last few days/weeks of this pregnancy. I must admit though, I love my bump, and I already know I will miss it TREMENDOUSLY.

pregnancy update:

How far along are you? 37 weeks, FULL TERM ! Woo!
Total weight gain/loss? 24 pounds total. So proud of myself. 
Maternity clothes? eh, more like yoga pants, and tights.. 
Stretch marks? nope!
Sleep? horrible. up about 3-5 times a night to go pee.
Best moment this week? I hit full term! we got out Co-Sleeper, and we finished our hospital bags! We are ready baby girl!! 
Miss anything? honestly, being able to sleep throughout the night. But even that isn't THAT bad I suppose.. haha
Movement? yes, no more kicks. more like rolling around getting comfy
Food cravings? nothing thank goodness
Anything making you queasy or sick? nope
Have you started to show yet? yes, definitely started showing about 5 months ago. haha
Gender? girl baby girl baby girl!!!!
Labor signs? yup! Braxton Hicks have become painful, and wake me at night.
Belly button in or out? its pretty much out. it decided to be pregnant with my belly. 
Wedding rings on or off? on still. so happy about that!
Happy or moody? happy. Really happy
Looking forward to? my doctors appointment this Wednesday!  I am hoping to get some good news on dilation! Also, I have a few girlfriends coming to visit this week! It's been very sweet of my girlfriends to come visit me on this boring adventure we call "waiting for baby". 

Mommy & Daddy can't wait to meet you Sophia!!! Any day now. I love you

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