Bianca Lively: Baby shower


Baby shower

Sophia's Baby Shower//

I was going to wait to share some of my baby shower pictures till I got more of the photo's from my moms camera, but she is a busy lady. So instead, I will show you the very few I had saved on my phone!  
Our baby shower was fantastic! 
It was honestly amazing to be able to see all of our close friends and family. Every single one of those people that got to spend it with us has a very special place in our hearts.. Here you go! 

 Our yummy delicious cake and dessert area! Beautiful. 

Some of our best friends. We love you guys

We got a TON of diapers, thanks to the diaper raffle! Totally recommend!  

 My beautiful family. Brother, husband, mommy, sisters, and daddy.

 He is going to be a grandpa! ah!!! 

Thought this was cute! One of my best friends and I. My wedding day on the left, Baby shower a year later on the right.

...and after feeling like it was our wedding all over again
the shower was over. And here is C and I on our way home with a truck fully loaded of Sophia's things.

Thank you everyone that got to make it and enjoy this time with us! We love you guys!!  -Bianca & C

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