Bianca Lively: Swaddle Blanket


Swaddle Blanket

I tend to have days where I'm bored and Pinterest EVERYTHING. And when I 
find amazing things to make, I begin to make them... This is true my friends, I am
that person that pins, and makes. And not just pins... haha

So a few weeks ago I was reading on how swaddling blankets for babies were amazing!
I decided to make one. 

Easy Peasy besides the fact that I don't own a sewing machine...
I've wanted one for so long. But let's be real for a second, I would hardly ever use the machine.

What I first did was went to my local JoAnn's Store, and got my things. All came out to a total of $14!


1. Fabric-Cotton Gauze. I got 1 yard and it seemed perfect for one blanket.
2. Stamp- purchased off Etsy! I should of bought more... 
3. Foam brushes. Came in a pack of 4 for $1!
4. Martha Stewarts Craft Paint. (I got one in Satin Bronze, and another in Pearl Pink). I only
used the pink because I liked the way it came out.

Step 1: 
       When using the craft paint, you want to grab your foam brush and dab on the paint to the stamp
(not a lot is needed)
But! DON'T brush it on, because it will leave stroke marks! Learned that the hard way.

 Step 2: 
Once you dab the stamp, just start stamping away. But every stamp I did, I then had to put more 
craft paint on it with the foam brush since it would use a lot of paint for one stamp.

Step 3: 
Lastly, you want to iron your blanket. But not directly! And not right away! Let your blanket sit for 24 hours before applying any heat onto it. This is very important because the heat is what makes the
ink permanent! 

 When you iron the blanket, make sure you have another type of fabric in between the iron and the blanket. I used another bed sheet. Have your iron on the highest heat!
Now this may take a while, but you want to hold the iron on 
the stamped area for about 45 seconds to a minute. 

Then do the other side. The ironing part was the longest....

Next you want to sew the edges so it has a finished look.

*****Wait about 2 weeks before washing the blanket!


You made a swaddle blanket! I can't wait to use this on Sophia!!!

Good luck!

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