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The Summer

My husband and I absolutely love going to the river and the lake. Well more like, we love to do anything that has to do with the summer (that includes water of course). Only problem is, I hate the heat. HATE HATE HATE. Which brings me to why water has to be included in our summer activities. I would rather be bundled up in blankets, Ugg boots, hot cocoa w/bailey's, and a christmas movie next to an open fire .... I can smell the holidays already! :) Fall and Winter! Yes, my favorite time of year if you didn't already know that. But besides that, summer always tends to be fun for us, considering that I'm pregnant this summer, I couldn't do half the stuff I would normally do in the summer. Wake board, surf (which I was still in the process of learning), water ski, jump off cliffs, do crazy donuts on a jet ski. But, in all honesty, I love being pregnant in the summer! I can show off my cute little Sopia bump in an awesome bikini which I've had for years! Only thing that doesn't help, is the heat! Gr! I HATE IT! Here are a few pictures from this past week when we went to the lake by our home. It was beautiful out, and the weather was absolutely perfect.
 I was very skeptical to wearing my bikini. I have always been pretty shy when it came to a bikini, but give me a few drinks and the shyness will disappear in no time! ;)  So I figured, what the heck!? I'm pregnant and if someone wants to judge, so be it! :) I was very proud of myself to walk out like this. I originally was going to wear a spaghetti strap and board shorts.. I'm glad I didn't. (22 weeks pregnant)
My oh so daring husband jumping off a 20+ foot cliff.. Not gonna lie, I was pretty jealous I couldn't go up there to join him in this amazing feeling... But it's okay, I got to lay out on the jet ski and wait at the bottom like pictured below.. ⬇

This picture above wasn't at a lake nor a river, but it was in Vegas when we went with a few friends a couple years ago to the Hard Rock Hotel. The pool was amazing! So I had to add this to the summer pictures of this post. It was so much fun, and this picture is pretty adorable I must add. 

These next few pictures were from previous trips we had taken to Lake Havasu with our family and friends. We try to go at least two times a year here. It's a bit far but always worth the drive.. And the drive home is probably what makes the trip amazing... We stop at Dairy Queen every, single, time. 

I had to add my momma in the pictures, she is beautiful isn't she??! (Yes, that is my mom.) The one of the right if you couldn't tell. We butt heads a lot, but hey, who doesn't!? Looking at her body after having 4 kids makes me only hope that I look half as good as this beauty does. 
Like I said, we love doing summer activities. And we can not wait to take Sophia on all these trips with us next year and forever!! She will love it just as much! And hopefully she becomes professional at wake boarding like her mommy and daddy!! ;) just kidding, no professionals here... 

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