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The Dress

 Having to find a wedding gown was really emotional for me. I had gone a few times because I just couldn't find THE ONE. I was excited to go with my mom, sisters, and maid of honor but the search had to continue on. We went to about 4 different bridal shops and not one dress gave me that warm feeling in my heart. I got upset and very quiet which made me wonder if maybe I was being way to picky or maybe I just really didn't find "the one". 

Then finally I went to a Bridal Store called La Soie Bridal. It was a random woke up one morning and my best friend called me and said "hey! lets go look at this store just to look" so I was up for it! We went and I seriously fell in LOVE with the first dress I tried on. It was exactly what I had thought I can see myself in. Lace, mermaid, thin material, strapless, just beautiful. But the problem was the price. I didn't want to spend more then $500 on a dress, and this dress was over $1,700. Made me really sad. But, I was happy to have found something that I wanted! So I knew I needed to find that dress, but a knock off cheaper version of it.... That wasn't so easy.
After all this fuss, buying a cheaper ugly dress and settling, and not being able to sleep (yes, not being able to sleep because of a wedding dress), I decided to just do it, and buy the dress of my dreams. So I did. And I worked hard for it thats for sure! 

blue by enzoani casablanca~ the dress that made me look stunning on my wedding day<3

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