Bianca Lively: Spontaneous San Francisco Trip!


Spontaneous San Francisco Trip!

Trolly Ride
San Francisco Love
          Having such busy schedules, Chris and I both got lucky enough to have the same days off. So when it comes down to those days, we make the best of it.... every time. This past week we told  each other we weren't going to do anything, and just stay in bed all day and relax. Since we have had so much wedding planning going on we wanted to just enjoy our days off and do absolutely nothing. Come Wednesday, when I got out of class I thought, I really wanna go to San Fran! Super random and spontaneous. So we packed our things, got in the car with a few friends and TOOK OFF! I have got to admit, it was honestly such a fun 24 hours! But if only we were there just a little tiny bit longer But on a bright side, got to spend some time with my uncle too!.... Here are a few pic's from our adventurous 24 hours! Enjoy<3

Yummy Ice Cream Break!
Most of you know how much of a freak I am when it comes to tea.... OH, MY, GOSH! If you could of just seen the things they had for TEA..... I, about, died<3<3<3
So Chris and I have been HUGE fans of the show called Alcatraz.. We both have been on this tour before but I was so young I couldn't remember anything about it. Tickets were sold out so we had to buy Stand By tickets and hope that 4 people wouldn't show. Sure enough, WE GOT IN!! It was sooooo exciting seeing everything as an adult, and knowing some of the History of Alcatraz. AMAZING...
Alcatraz "The Big Rock"
This 24 hours trip was so nice.. Love San Fran<3

Xoxo Bianca

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