Bianca Lively: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches


Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

First of all, YUM. These were so easy, and so delicious I will be making them again when I am in a hurry for something good for dinner. Here are the ingredients to make the BBQ Chicken. So easy.
 The salt and pepper are for your preference of taste. I am not a huge fan of adding salt to my meals, but pepper (as you can see is almost out) is my favorite!

Ingredients for BBQ Chicken Sanwiches:
1 lb of Chicken Thighs -Now you can use any other Chicken part, but thighs tend to be more tender
1 1/2 cups of BBQ (or more if you wish)
2 Table Spoons of Honey
Dash of Salt & Pepper for taste
4 Wheat Buns
Bag of Pre-made Cole Slaw

1) You want to make sure you cook your chicken all the way through. How ever you normally cook your chicken. I just put it in a pot of water and boiled it till it was done. About 30-45 minutes. When it is done cooking drain it, and let your chicken cool to the touch.
2) In a bowl mix together all your ingredients. (BBQ, Honey, Salt & Pepper)
3) Once your chicken is a bit cooled down, I used two forks and shredded my chicken. I didn't shred it too much because I like having some little chunks in my sandwiches.
4) Mix ingredients with shredded chicken.
5) I just left that aside. And since I have never made Cole Slaw before, I just bought some from the store pre-made since it was easiest and I barely had any time. I also bought a few wheat buns which were the perfect addition to these sandwiches. Soft, and delicious wheat bread.
6) I toasted my buns (haha), added about 2 spoonfuls of the BBQ chicken, and topped it off with the creamy cole slaw, and had some veggies on the side.

Oh my word......... they were to die for.
If you have questions feel free to comment and let me know how you like them! If anyone has any Cole Slaw recipes they would like to share I'd LOVE to hear about them!! 
Bon app├ętit!

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