Bianca Lively: Nursery Inspiration


Nursery Inspiration

So I am on the hunt to find some nursery ideas. Pinterest has definitely been my back bone on ideas, and I'm sure a ton of you momma's agree with this. We are leaning towards the gray earth tones, with a little gold, maybe some black thrown in the mix. Every nursery I found, I fell in love with, and most have some of the same things, a white modern crib, gray earth tones, baby dresser, an accent wall of possible stripes, polka dots, or maybe even something different! So when I finally came to the conclusion of starting to put together a collage on her room, this is what I came up with, and I honestly can't wait for her to get here! All I can picture is me being in her room holding her in my arms, rocking her to sleep on my glider singing her a happy song mommy to baby girl song.... You don't understand how EXCITED I am about being a mom.... It's going to be challenging, but definitely a challenge I am will to jump over backwards for. (Which I'm sure a lot of you mom's have this skill to the key! haha)

I am so excited to do all of this! Already started purchasing a few things.. Not many but it's a start! The hubby is painting her room today! I have a feeling I'm going to be sitting in this room a lot! Thinking of changing my bedroom now... Uh oh!

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