Bianca Lively: For The Love Of Breakfast


For The Love Of Breakfast

So, my husband loves his breakfast. And when I say loves I mean it. He can have breakfast everyday, all day if he had the choice. I unfortunately, am not a breakfast fan. I would rather eat lunch or dinner. (Ya I'm a little strange). So whenever I have the time and since I've been waking up so early lately, I decided to make him some breakfast. I always try to make him breakfast in bed. But having this Chemistry class, (which is finally over by the way) I never had time. So I decided to make him some breakfast two days ago. And he loved it.. Just like every other time. :)

I made a mini Pancake bar for us. We didn't have a ton of options as far as toppings went. But it's what we love and it was amazing! Oh my...... 
These were mine. I also made him some scrambled eggs with sautéed spinach and chopped onions (big onion fans), and a few turkey sausages.. I pretty much used all the toppings. The Pumpkin Spice was the best part to these amazingness of pancakes. Gave it that little extra yummy to my tummy. And then I begin to wonder why I don't eat breakfast more often... haha.

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