Bianca Lively: Finding the perfect venue


Finding the perfect venue

Having to find our venue was probably one of the easiest things we did. We had no idea where to begin. People had been telling us to not pick a date, and just find a venue first, and depending on there availability, we would have a date. To be completely honest with you all, I didn't want to let some place choose the wedding date for us, I wanted to have a date that meant something to us, an "important" date, a date that was fun to say I suppose. So we made a list of places to go look at. Mostly barns, and outdoor settings since I had envisioned a "country/rustic themed wedding".  Finally tired of going to 15 plus places in one day, Chris decided to look at this one last place, (which I personally was not having it and wanted to eat and sleep). So we went anyway, last minute, while they were closed and the wonderful wedding coordinator met us for a last minute view of the place. WE FELL IN LOVE. We both had the biggest smile on our faces we wanted to give her our information on the spot! I'm pretty sure she knew it too! But my FiancĂ© (at the time) gave me a look like "shhh, don't say anything yet!" We got the info on the place, everything was included: linens, food, bartenders, DJ, utensils, cake, flowers, a pianist to play during the dinner, and even a horse carriage for me to ride down to the ceremony and for everyones use if they wanted to ride also! I mean how much easier can that be! That knocked out a whole lot of meetings and finding the perfect vendors for our wedding! It was awesome! All I wanted was a view of something beautiful during the ceremony, and I got that, plus more! DEFINITELY recommend Serendipity Gardens in Oak Glen. California.

Here is a link to there website if you are planning on having a wedding anytime soon. Or maybe even a party. Its breathtaking.
Serendipity Garden Wedding

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