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Choosing bridesmaids and a maid of honor was actually quiet simple for me. Maybe even easier then Chris. I didn't ask them in any particular order, or in any fancy way. In fact I was pretty simple and asked them straight out. I wanted to do something cute and creative but never came around it. Im sure they didn't mind at all... (right ladies??) Anyhow, my little sister always said she wanted to be my Maid of Honor. So I thought, why not?? She is pretty much my best friend and knows almost everything there is to know about my life. But the minor problem is, she is very young. I have a few best friends. Honestly a lot of people cant say this but I have about 5. And I really can trust them with my whole heart<3, and I wish they can all be my Maid of Honors. So when I asked one of my best friends if she would want to be a bridesmaid in the wedding she right away came over my house, with a folder of "bridesmaids to do list". It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. She had ideas of colors printed, flower arrangements, themes.. all the above. And I couldn't just think of any other person besides my sister to be my Maid of Honor. So I have two, why not, rules are meant to be broken anyway! ;) She was thrilled that she had a bigger list of "Maid of Honor Duties" and has been helping me out the whole way.. till today.
The choosing of Bridesmaids was very very simple. I just choose the other best friends that I have, and obviously my little sisters<3 they are my heart. I asked all of them and of coarse they couldn't say no to this gorgeous face! ;) 

My decision on these beautiful young women is the best decision yet. (well besides saying Yes to my fiance) ha ha! Cant wait to have some fun ladies!!! And thank you ahead of time for all that you do. I apologize in advance if I become a Negative bride! (so far so good tho!) :)

 Xoxo Bianca

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