Bianca Lively: And so it begins.. ♥


And so it begins.. ♥

Hello! Now hang in there, this is probably the longest post you'll ever get from me! I hope....
Dec. 15 2011 Los Angeles, Ca.
       Most of you know the story of how it all begin, and how I absolutely just LOVE telling it, but Id like to tell it again for those of you who don't know. It all started about 13 years ago. Me being 13, C 15. I was dating this boy that had lived down the street from me and C happened to be good friends with him (so bad, I know). One night they both went for a jog and ended up at my house, C-not knowing who I was- met me for the first time that night. I had just gotten out of the shower a few minutes prior so I was in my pajamas, with my hair wet in a bun, ready for bed. I ran outside to say hi to my "bf" at the time and I see C was with him too. C was wearing fire gear that night. He had on the pants, the jacket, and the boots only. No under shirt, and his jacket was not buttoned. (you can only image crazy C trying to show off his "manly chest") anyway, I ran outside and my bf at the time asked me this- "what the heck are you doing, go change you" (yeah, he did say this jerk! I will never forget it) And C right away says "no don't listen to him you look fine.." with a little wink. At first I thought ew, don't wink at me.. But then I introduced myself to him, and I remember wanting to ask him if he was a fire fighter but he looked so young I didn't wanna look stupid. So I didn't ask. 
I hadn't seen or heard of C after that night till I got into high school. I met this girl by the name of Amanda in class, she had came over my house and said she knew a boy named C that lived down the street from me and that we should invite him over before my dad got home, (sorry if you see this dad!). So we invited him over and me being the sweet little innocent cheerleader that I was, was SO AFRAID! All of a sudden this white Mustang turns the corner of my block so fast and loud I was thinking to myself.. C comes out and says "hey! I remember you! Are you still dating that guy?" I had told him no and the story of why we broke up. 
All of a sudden, just a few weeks of knowing each other, I noticed we were hanging out everyday. So my parents put a stop to that and my dad had a name for him which we will NEVER forget... "Yaahoo". C and I were only allowed to see each other 3 times a week, sometimes less if my grades were bad, and we were only allowed to talk on the phone for so long. (only there is a little story behind that.. lets not get off track here ). We eventually made it official sometime in late January. Never really had an exact date because even I, being the girl, forgot when it was. So we made up a date, and that date was January 12th, 2004. I was 15 at the time and C was 17. We were SO in love. We finally moved in together when I turned 18. It was the best. We were together for 6 SOLID years before eventually splitting up. But this is a love and happy story, so lets not go into detail about the split. 
We reunited, and fell so deeply, and madly in love with each other after 6 months of not really talking and only seeing each other 3-5 times total. It was the best but worst thing we ever did for ourselves by splitting up. And looking at how we are now, the split was all worth it. Just a few short months after we got back together,  C joined a company and had finally got accepted to work. It was something he has ALWAYS wanted to do and finally everything fell into place. 
Upon graduating this wonderful accomplishment, we all went outside to take some family photo's. C kept insisting we would stand by the big christmas tree (it was December) so thats where we stood. We got a picture of our whole family together (which rarely happens) and all of a sudden everyone started taking pictures of just him and I, which I thought was nice but we stood there for a while. He held onto me so tightly, almost like a stiff tightly if that makes sense.. He kept telling me he loved me and kissed my cheek, as I was turning my head to look at him, he gets down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife! I SAID YES OF COURSE!! Everything we both ever wanted was finally coming into place. It was the first time both of our families had joined together in  a very long time. And to have my family there to experience this with us, was just the highlight of my night. 
It was just perfect<3

C is such an awesome energetic person, and I honestly can not wait to grow old together next to this handsome man I will forever call my husband. I love you baby. 

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