Bianca Lively: 22 Weeks


22 Weeks

First off, this 5 week Chemistry class has taken over my life. And it's been extremely hard for me to update my blog on my little growing Sophia.. So here is my week 22! Finally! She has been moving up a storm lately. Mostly at night and in the mornings. Really only when I'm laying down, trying to relax... So it begins I suppose? But I sure do LOVE feeling her movements. Nothing too hard to handle, yet that is.  Daddy hasn't felt her yet! And it's just driving me crazy because I want him to experience this with little Sophia and I. Soon enough! Im thinking maybe in a week or so. Fingers crossed** Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy this time of her not kicking me in the rib cage yet and sitting on my bladder... Neither sound fun, so I definitely am enjoying her "soft ballerina twirls" going on. haha. 

Here she is!! 22 weeks along. Weighing at about 1 pound now! And is 11 inches in length! With only about 18 weeks or so to go. I have a strange feeling she will be making her debut a little sooner though.  I decided to do a little something different this time with my chalkboard and did some photo editing online instead which was a lot quicker for me, considering that I barely had time to even get ready for the picture since I was trying to study for my final. (only 2 days of Chemistry left and I am FREE!!!) 

How far along are you? 22 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? 11 pounds up 
Maternity clothes? not really, just workout attire to class, and occasionally shorts or pants with a rubber band to hold them up since I cant seem to button anymore haha
Stretch marks? zero
Sleep? sleep has been a little weird for me lately. I wake up feeling a bit sore from constantly sleeping on one side.
Best moment this week? the hubby painting her room finally! 
Miss anything? being able to cook, clean, and be my normal self again.. but not because of Sophia, it's because of this ridiculous Chemistry class.
Movement? yes! eve
Food cravings? nectarines. yummy, I love my fruit everyday
Anything making you queasy or sick? not that I know of.  oh ya, the smell of my husbands feet when he gets home from work... sorry honey.. blah
Have you started to show yet? yup! my little mommas is out there! got to show her off at the lake the other day!
Gender? girl girl girl girl!!!!!
Labor signs? no thank God
Belly button in or out? still in
Wedding rings on or off? on still. makes me happy!
Happy or moody? been moody lately. but I promise, it has to be this chemistry class...
Looking forward to? our hospital tour tonight! It's going to be a little crazy to think that the next time we are possibly there will be for Sophia's arrival!

On another note, we finished painting her room! And as in "we" I mean my amazing hard working everyday gorgeous husband. ;) I love it! I am really falling for the gray wall paint. And looking online for a gray that wouldn't turn out blue was a little difficult. But, we found a color and its called Filtered Shade by Valspar. I found this picture off Google and decided to use it to show you. 

Obviously it's the color closest to the ceiling. Looks gray doesn't it? Well, "we" painted her room, and it looks a little more towards the blue shade.. But it's okay, I love it still!! And can not wait to get it put together for her. Thanks to my amazing husband for doing her room in one day! I love you! I cant wait to show you how her room turns out later. xoxo

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