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Ready For The Holidays | Chalkola Crafts |

The holidays are always such a great time for my family and I. The weather, the gatherings, music, food, cuddles while watching movies and also finding ways to be creative with the kids because majority of the time, we stay indoor since the cold weather. But that's all fine by me!

When I received my Chalkola gifts, I couldn't wait to open them up and try them out! I am obsessed with all chalk things. Especially, chalk markers! With my not-so-pretty handwriting, chalk markers make all the difference. They aren't as messy as actual chalk, and you're able to wipe them clean so much easier! Not to mention, you can use chalk marker on glass and metal as well! Talk about crafts on crafts!

My kids love arts and crafts. Any chance they get to color, cut, glue or make anything fun, they give full attention too. Such creative little babes. So when we received our Chalkola board and markers, we had to have fun with them. and basically let them have at it! Come December 1st, our elves come back to visit and stay with the kids for the month till Christmas. I'm sure you've all heard of Elf on the Shelf. Thats exactly what it is-haha. So we used the board and markers as a "we are back" sign and told the kids they're able to play with the board and the markers.

The markers need to be held face down for a time being in order for the ink to release from the actual pen itself. They have a variety of markers as well, not just white! This made me SO HAPPY. Love creativity. They have bright neon colors, vintage matted colors, pastel and metallic! I can't wait to get my hands on more colors to try. And I know the kids will love playing with them as well!

If you're interested in getting some for yourself or as a gift for someone for the holidays, you can use my coupon code here: BIANCA10 for 10% off your purchase!



Okay, so I get it now. As a mom/parent, we never put ourselves first. Like, ever. And I knew that in order to be happy, and feel happy I needed to take care of ME, first. Yes, before my kids. If I'm not whole, and I'm not mentally present, then I can't provide and be the mom that they need, that they want. I'm always trying to find new ways to improve myself in ways that I know will make me feel better. A few of those things have been face masks, warm baths, mani/pedis and my smile! I am crazy about my teeth. It's the first thing I notice when speaking to people, and its the first thing I'm always trying to really take care of. Rather it's them being straight or being white. I love a fearless smile! 
When I got the information with SMILE BRILLIANT I couldn't wait any longer to give them a try. Now, a little bit of my teeth whitening history for ya. I am a big Crest White Strips fan. And although I knew they worked, they just wouldn't stay in place. It truly bothered me. So I thought, why not try this? Why not do this for me?

I received my trays and moldings to make my teeth impressions, and it was CAKE! Mikaela even helped me with the mixing. I mailed them back and received my own personal trays back very quickly! I couldn't wait to try them that very first night. 
The box comes with your impressions, and all of your whitening gel syringes as well as syringes for tooth sensitivity- desensitizing gel which you use a thin layer of AFTER you whiten. Its SO EASY! I mainly did this once I put the kids to bed. The evening is my own alone time to take care of myself. So I would kick back, turn on Netflix with bae, and whiten for 45min-3 hours, depending on how tired I was. 
Now, I am going to be honest. I was definitely a little skeptical about trying this only because I knew my teeth were decently white already, and didn't think they would get any whiter, but boy was I wrong! See my photos for yourself! ;)

I got a lot of questions about what I used, so I want to be able to giveaway a FREE set to one of my followers! That's YOU! All you have to do is tag 2 people on my Instagram account (the more tags, the better!) head on over to this link:  GIVEAWAY LINK and you're done! 
And if you can't wait, I got you! Just use this coupon code: biancalively15  to get you 15% off STORE WIDE. 
Can't wait to continue my fearless smile journey! 

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